2 Million FOX Tokens Giveaway

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FOX Token gives

Building a better exchange.

Entrusting third parties to hold cryptographic assets is a significant risk to the token economy. Our hybrid architecture decentralizes the most security-critical components of an exchange.

While relying on the speed, scalability and responsiveness of traditional, off-chain architecture for our order book.


Governed by code, there's no need to trust your funds to an exchange or anyone else


Trades are settled atomically and without counter-party risk on Ethereum's decentralized network.


Off-chain order books enable efficient markets. No oracles or reputation needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ERC20Fx?

ERC20Fx is a decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform, which means you can trade your ERC20 tokens directly from your wallet.

What is FOX Token?

FOX is a ERC20 standard token created by ERC20Fx. There will be a maximum of 10 million tokens ever. These can be used for staking or paying fees.

What is FOX Token Giveaway?

As a part of prelaunch we have decided to do a giveaway of 2 Million (20%) tokens to early adopters who actively participate in the giveaway.

How do I receive tokens in the Giveaway?

All you need to do is pre-signup with us and refer as many people are you can. The top referrers would airdopped FOX tokens into their ethereum wallet.

Can I create multiple entries?

No, only one entry per person is allowed before the Airdrop of tokens every receiver maybe asked to verify their identity.

How does it work?

By staking FOX and helping secure ERC20Fx’s fully-decentralized network, node operators will be rewarded proportionately to their percentage stake.